2018-06-05 19:30:25







Good Evening




Today was shootsーーーーピンクハート











It was fun!!!!!!ピンクハート








Just recently you know,


I felt like my throat constantly hurt but (And it didn’t really get husky or anything but, it just hurt)



Today it’s betterーーーーーー!!ハートハートハート






The moment I ate the yogurt my friend left for me, it felt all betterイエローハート



Yogurt is amazing星星星



Maybe it’s just by chance though! lol





Yogurt life, I feel like I neglect doing it but, maybe I should restart it huh照れ







Of course you know! Health comes first yah!!




Everyone, be well every day too流れ星




I want you to spend every day with a smile, I feel that from my heartラブラブ




I want to see you all soonーー!!!!!!ピンクハート





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