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2018-06-04 21:26:29
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Yesterday Nakagawa Shouko-san an dKudou Haruka-chan came to see the play〜(*´◒`*)!!












Nakagawa-san, even though you said it was your day off, thank you☆


You gave us really high praise, with those words I can do my best tomorrow on too (*⁰▿⁰*)



You’re appearing in this year’s pokemon movie too and so, this year I’m going to see it with Kuduー too kayー!♡





After the play, with Nakagawa-san I went to eat, and saw the movie 「Koi wa Ameagari no Youni」!









My belloved manga is the source material.



If I were an actress I’d want to be Tachibana Akira-chan so much! lol


Ah, in my first photobook 「HaruIro」, I got to wear the same uniform as Tachibana Akira-chan, going to high school and the station GachaGacha clattering of Mukihiko, we pilgrimaged there and got to do a shoot! lol lol
The same location was used in the film too〜(*゚∀゚*)




The movie, I watched it all WakuWaku excited but, it was very much a fantastic film.



Komatsu Nana-san’s sense of transparency isn’t holding back, Ooizumi You-san as the store manager, seeing them it was a perfect fit.



I love both of them as actors so there was more than enough value with that watching but, in terms of the view of this world, getting to feel the KiraKira psarkling radiantness that I felt from the manga in this movie, as a fan of the original work it made me very happy.


From the original work, it’s awesome!!
The pure high school girl’s awakening love and, an adult store manager she has a proper direct relationship with even after being told by the high school girl she likes him!
It’s a manga where two people smouldering in their own fondness, mutually encourage each other〜




I’m a fan of the original work so there’s ways they stand and pose, and lines that make me happy.
This line will come next right, I know that so, I got to pick them out,
It’s a fantastic movie that I could think about it totally from this side too!




Aーーー, that made me happy!



Getting happy after seeing the live action version of a work, I feel like it’s an amazing thing.



And so by all means, for fans of the original and thoes who are just interested in it normally, it’s a movie I recommend (*´◒`*)







I was nervous today but it was fun work〜
I’ll announce it on another day♪




For my clothes, I used the Tshirt I got from Sanma-san, made an all black coordi.
Look at it KAYーーーー


Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji













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