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2018-06-06 22:41:18
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


「Pharaoh no Haka 〜Jaou・Sneferu〜」 5th Day


Everyone who attendedEmoji
Thank you so much (*´Д`*)ノ))



Ikebukuro or… Egypt…


No!!! This is EgyptEmojiEmojiEmoji


Today I wodner if we pulled everyone into the world of Egypt?Emoji



Today I got this lip product from Araki Yuuko-san口紅天使I used it and went to the show♪
She picked a color for each personEmoji
For Mizuki’s one she wrote 「Mizuki-san」ラブラブ I was moved照れ


My mood wa RunRun cheery too音譜



At the time we were doing stretch voicing


「I want to loosen my body〜」 after voicing htat, everyone got in a circle and we started shoulder rubsジンジャーブレッドマンうずまき


Being in a circle, everyone rubs and gets their shoulder’s rubbed!!
Everyone loosens up!!


It was the best yah流れ星



Today from the guest seats there were lots of laughter, the calming taka troupe, was in raptureEmoji



Today Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chan cameEmoji


I think it whenever we meet but, she’s mature yah〜EmojiEmoji
Thank you for todayEmoji






It was released today but
Angerme and Morning Musume。’18
are scheduled to appear in 「rockin’on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2018」ー!!!


I’m reallーy looking forward to itEmojiEmoji


晴れMidsummer Sun JiririEmojiあせる
Getting to support this, changing heat into energy too
I feel like I want to deliver that kind of Morning Musume。’18 so赤薔薇


By all means please come to it!!
We’ll be waiting for you目ラブラブ


→For details go here




Tomorrow too, Sunshine Theater is EgyptEmoji


Already there’s only 4 days for Tokyo huh… I talked about it with the members too
I’ll be acting with great careEmoji


We’ll be waiting for youEmoji





Hello!Project “ONLY YOU” Audition Being Held2428.gif


Today is The Deadline!
New songs MV Promotion Edit has been released!


Morning Musume。’18 Channel


Please watch it from here1638.gif
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Fukumura Solo Special Day〜 Distributingおすましペガサス乙女のトキメキ
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here2607.gif
Tomorrow, 6/7(Thr) Release 「Wink Up」(Fukumura・Haga)
Pharaoh no Haka〜Jaou・Sneferu 
   【General Sale Announcement】



※Link above is Tokyo・Osaka-wide
(P Code: 485 from 561)


・Lawson Ticket
(L code: 33707)




・CN Play Guide (Osaka Performances) 
Morning Musume。’18 65th Single 「A gonna/Are you Happy?」 Release Commemoration 《Cheki・Sign・Individual Handshake Event》 scheduled









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