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2018-06-11 21:42:50
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Today was Budokan rehearsals〜!









For the first tim in a while I met with Ogata Haruna-chan!


She came to see the play too but, we were mostly apart so you know _(:3 」∠)_




As cute as ever, and she bought Hokkaido souvenirs for everyone☆


Thank you〜〜





For the Budokan rehearsals, it’s really very fun.


Getting to dance for the first time in a while first off it was fun, free movement with cerry songs, everyone was playing around! lol



After the rehearsal itself there’s just one day so, now I think we want to firm it up solidly (*´◒`*)!






And the other day, I went to eat with my senpai Mano Erina-san〜〜♡










Our first time having a meal together so I was nervous but, Mano-san is so kind kind…!



I’m a director Sono Shion and Nojima Shinji-san fan but, even more Mano-san performing in a work from the two of them has my respect and envy!!




For birthdays and HinaFes, I often get to sing Mano-san songs〜!


I’m grateful for such a fantastic senpai (*´꒳`*)
If there’s time again I should invite her somewhere soon I think (*´◒`*)huhu





There’s something I’m looking forward to tomorrow, huhuhu



Tomorrow too I’m goin to have fuーn!










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