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2018-07-05 12:58:29
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Today walking in Shibuya I saw the characters 「Hachiouji」, and thinking, “What!?” it seems there’s a play 「Hachiouji Zombies」 huh!?
From the performance title it’ll be in Hachiouji, that makes me happyーーー!
I really want to go see it now!☆
Today, rehearsals started in the evening so, I went ot see a movie!
「Wonder Kimi wa Taiyou」 [tl: Wonder You are the Sun, aka Wonder]
It’s the movie starrting Jacob-kun from 「Room」!
It’s a very tenderly warm movie.
The tears won’t stop, the strength of each person and them as they thought about what is right for them, and there were lots of heart striking scenes too.
The main character Auggie is a young boy overflowing with humor so I enjoyed the cheery feelings
After seeing the movie, I went to the CD shop, and GOT last weeks released SUPER BEAVER-san’s 「Kansenzenya」 (*´◒`*)
Waーーー, I want to buy more soon!!
It’s got the Zepp Tokyo’s LIVE DVD that I couldn’t go to too so I want to go home soon and enjoy it!!
It’s been about!!! 2 years!!!! since their last full album huh


I’m looking forward to itーーーー!!
The nationwide one man tour, I hope I can go _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
For tomorrow, we get to appear live on the Music Station 2 Hour Special〜(*^^*)
Dinner is salad!! lol
I’ll probably go with black, long, straight hair so, please try searching for me kay♡
Tomorrow we’re togehter with Matsuoka Mayu-san too♡
For my clothes today, it’s a dot jumper skirt!
Look at it KAYーーーー



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