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2018-07-14 21:53:47
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This year’s summer Hello!Project Concert has started too〜〜(*´◒`*)!!!!











My dreessing room neighbor is Fukumura Mizuki-san♡



It’s fun, it’s very fun! lol


The topic was AiNana lots of the time! lol lol



For this year’s Hello!Con, Hello!Project OG senpai are appearing as daily specials (*´◒`*)



It’s very extravagant and very fun!!







Before the show intaking chocolate★









Same as always I like color make-up but, basically I like purple (*´꒳`*)



My eyebrows too have purple on it but, when doing color make-up I put eyebrow make-up that’ll go good with the eyeshadow♪





Lately I constantly, want to be prettier, I’ve been doing various trial and error but, I want to be the me I like the most, that’s basically the feeling or rather, it’s becoming my driving force!


But the me I like most, it changes depending on then and that time you know, and so, when talking about this feeling, 「I want to be the me I like most」 after a little bit of time saying that again, the vision I have for it changes.


I’m always doing my best towards that benchmark but in that way the hurdle is rising too… lol



When my own condition isn’t good, I don’t feel like meeting people I get scared of it, when I look in the mirror I feel like, [Is this okay? Am I being a proper person?] there are times I check with myself.


Different from a narcissist, I’m validating to get rid of my anxiety. lol



There are ways like this right, I should try this and try that, I make new discoveries all the time so, those kinds of every days are fun!


And you know, doing make-up to make my face how I want it to be, my face at its roots changes a little too (*´◒`*) or should I say my look.


Changing with awareness, I think it’s like that.
I feel like I’m steadily changing myself so, more than how I was last year, I can say I like my current me many times more (*´꒳`*)
I want to change steadily!


I want to be pretty, that is the eternal theme yah!






Today on WEAR I’ll put up the blue outfit I wore for the spring tour too〜! Look at it KAY!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji












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