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2018-07-28 21:50:30
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today at Fukuoka prefecture〜
Hello!Project concertsEmojiEmoji


At this venue for the first time since 2013
we got to see all the fansーEmoji


For the venue today, every level seened at a different step
and they were sliding desk with itEmoji


I could see everyone’s face clearlyEmoji
For the lots of support thank you so muchキラキラ


Speaking of Fukuoka it’s Eripon’s home area! but


Today Fukuoka’s guests
Nakazawa Yuuko-san
Niigaki Risa-san appeared and so


Taking the chance with Fukkuoka, Eripon got closer to Nakazawa-san💚
Niigaki-san-Oshi Eripon💚


Since during rehearsals she’s been UkiUki cheery MAX!!!Emoji


Mizuki was also really very DokiDoki heart-pounding and WakuWaku exciting but目Emoji
at rehearsals during the inspection, when the song started, and the moment Niigaki came out on stage, a 「Kyaa〜Emoji」 echoed



But to that extent, it was a super super cool stageEmojiEmojiEmoji
getting to hear that song made me happy tooEmojiEmoji


They are showing up as guests for tomorrow’s performances too so look forward to itEmoji
We’ll be waiting at Fukuoka International Conference Hall’s Main HallEmojiEmoji



It just happened, Kaediー overcame spicy things(*’ω’ノノ゙☆




With Juice=Juice’s Takagi Sayuki-chanEmoji
Sayuki’s outer feathered hair matches her, it’s cuteEmoji




Hello!Moba Member Exclusive
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Ogata Risa-chan guest episode distributing766.gif


☆Hello!Moba membership registration is here☆



Morning Musume。 20tb Anniversary Commemoration Official Book


Because of popularity, another printing has been scheduled1075.gif


Printing Commemoration Fair being held!
For details please look ☆here☆







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