From Today It’s August (It’s The July Look Back Corner)

2018-08-01 09:11:05




It was fun




It was fun





It was fun




July, really, has all kinds of thingsピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート




Full full
a month getting to see everyone
It was surpremely funラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブラブ







💓 July Look Back Corner 💓









in Osakaたこ焼
(↑I’m holding the Kuroneko Sayu goods. lol黒猫)





Shukumei performances, they were fun yah!!ラブラブ
Shukumei performances finished but💦
『My Work is Cute』
so that that doesn’t end, I have to do my best! lol







Birthday eventピンクハートピンクハート
This again
was fuーーーnnnn💓
For me personally. It was plety DokiDoki heart-pounding but
this year too I got to safely celebrate my birthday with everyone
just that is plenty!! lol






Thank you❤️







And, 7/13 was,
The photobook 『DREAM』’s release day too💓
My 12th solo photobook✨
The first photobook since my revivial✨
The shoot was fun!
Everyone getting to see it made me happy!
Those of you who haven’t yet by all means!💓
It’s DREAM! please do me the favor!!おねがい






That photobook 『DREAM』’s release commemoration event handshake event in Tokyo・Shinjuku!!


Lots of you came
that made me happy
more than anything, since graduating Morning Musume。
it’s my first handshake event! so
getting to be in contact with everyone for the first time in a long time
I got to talk a lot
it was so fun!!!!!
And photobook impressions of courseピンクハート
Got to say lots of impressions about SAYUMINGLANDOLL and stuff too,
well the feel and stuff getting to talk about whatever was something I missed, it was fun yahラブラブ






And you know!
In 2014, a 2 year old? kid came to a handshake event


Came to say
『I turned 5!』
It was really just amazing
seriously it’s kyun made my heart skip a bit of course but
just the memory makes me feel like crying though! lol *cry*



『Do you remember?』
I asked you know
『I remember!』
they said 😭


They got big, their appearance is amazing, from baby to child, growing, getting to do all kinds of things, they remembered meーーー
That just kinda feels my heart 😭😭😭💓







for not forgetting about me, thank you!!!!!!!😭💓



Well, it’s amazing you know,
I’m glad I had my rebirth yahーーーー!
it was a month I felt that a lot


On the road home from the handshake event, really since before, the faces of everyone, all the fans who gave me their support floated in my head papapaーー




It’s joy!!!!❤️


that’s how it was❤️







ピンク音符ピンク音符The Hello!Pro Concertブルー音符ブルー音符
guest appearance day!


This was again, fuーーn!
Hello!Pro’s 20th anniversary!!ピンクハート
Joining Hello!Pro, really I’m grateful!!






In Nagoya・Kobe
Photobook 『DREAM』 release commemoration eventラブ
Handshake event照れ



Nagoya Sayuバーベキュー右バーベキュー右バーベキュー右



Kobe Sayuバーベキュー真ん中バーベキュー真ん中バーベキュー真ん中


This day I got to meet lots of you, talk, get energy…爆笑
This day, I right away got to directly hear impressions of yesterday’s Hello!Con, it was pretty WakuWaku excitingーーハートハートハート



Others too,
『What do you like from Ikinari Steakー?』
『Eー!That’s hardー! In the end it’s the ribroast I thinkー!!』
Stuff like that
lol lol
So much fun ya knowハート✨✨✨✨







6ki members 15th anniversary congratulations event
with Reina, the 2 of us yah…猫うさぎ




We talked all over yah… lol
It was fーuーーnnーーーー!!!!ピンクハート
15 years, thank youブルーハートピンクハートブルーハートピンクハート







Of course getting to see everyone
Happy 😊 fun 😄 joy 😍





July was so awesome
Well, August and September will end up feeling lonely though 💦



But but from Octoboer, SAYUMINGLANDOLL’s 3rd part is starting



I hope to get to see everyone’s smile again!
I hope it’ll be fun!
To prepare to face that, I’ll do my best with all I’ve got!!!!!!!!キラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ






Thank you…ハートハートハート
From here on too, please give me your supportハートハートハート






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