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2018-08-01 20:41:33
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Today is my beーーーloved Wada Ayaka-chan’s birthday(*´◒`*)



Aya-chan, Happy Birthday〜〜!!















Reaーーーlly you know, now we’re in Hello!Con so getting to see Aya-chan every week makes me happy, it’s my comfort.


A tranquilizer.














This Aya-chan face. I surpremely like it (*´꒳`*) lol



I want to do an event with the two of us before Aya-chan graduates too you knowー!
A graduation trip DVD too!♡






Today I went to see Aya-chan’s birthday event too〜♡



A birthday event in the form I haven’t seen before now, it was fresh!
There were all kinds of songs too (*´◒`*)



Once again, Happy Birthday〜〜!!!!




The pictures I took there today, I’ll put them up later on WEAR kayー!


Look at it KAY ^ ^



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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