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2018-08-01 21:55:26
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was shoots!
As with yesterday’s nails too, it went with today’s outfit, the make-up artist painted them in a different color for meEmojiEmoji


Eripon-san took lots of cute pictures of everyoneEmojiEmoji


Shoots of the shoots and stuff, Manager-san took them for us, there’s lots of self shots too but Eripon’s are kinda different!!!!




Today is Wada Ayaka-san’s birthday huhEmoji


Happy BirthdayEmoji
Being with Ayaka-chan, before I knew it it’s been 10 yearsEmoji


At today’s birthday event, I heard what songs she might sing but…among them there’s one song that’s deeply striking.


It’s the unit song Mizuki got to sing when she first joined Hello!Pro Eggs


「Te wo Nigitte Arukitai」


It was a song with few people for my first time so I was full on DokiDoki heart-pounding on standby backstage!


At hte time the song I saw, Wada-san sang solor
「Juunana no Natsu」.


With her very cute voice and
FuwaFuwa flowy ponytail, dancing Wada-san very much charmed me


How could she be this cute?
With her own color she sang it full onEmoji


For sure it’s a feeling for all the fans too
I think there were lots of songs with memories weren’t there?Emoji


Being with Ayaka-chan, the 2 of us is calming流れ星
or so I thought it rapidly gets funny!Emoji


A respect, and peace of mind tooEmoji


The other day, I had work together with Ayaka-chan the 2 of us!
Please wait for the info ban to be lifted kayラブラブ


For Ayaka-chan I hope you have a fantastic yearEmojiEmoji




Coming home, thanks to pets and TV, I’m in the living room all the timeEmoji


Kurara and Puramu are so cute♡🦀
And anime is so interestingEmoji


☆Gegege no Kitarou
☆Hataraku Saibou
☆Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa
☆Major Second


Watching TV, so much I’m busyEmojiEmoji
I like Hataraku Saibou’s platelet-chan so muchEmojiEmoji





Hello!Moba Member Exclusive
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


☆Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here☆


Murota Mizuki-chan guest episode, now distributing〜


Morning Musume。20th Anniversary Official Book


Due to popularity, additional printing is scheduled


Second edition commemorative fair is being held!
For details please look ☆here☆








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