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2018-08-17 22:00:53
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Thank you so much for always supporting me.


An announcement for everyone.





I, Iikubo Haruna, with this year’s autumn tour
will be graduating from Morning Musume。’18 and Hello!Project.




Last year in September, Morning Musume。 welcomed it’s 20th Anniversary, along with spending the 20th anniversary year,
I ended up thinking about not just Morning Musume。 future but my own future as well.




As a group doing activities and concerts are the most fun,
Even saying 「concerts」 it’s not just the song and dance MC and song performing too
Everything is a performance, including concerts.




Other than singing and dancing too
I like plays too,
I like talking on the radio,
I like introducing manga,
I like fashion,
I like overseas,
I like connecting with people,
there’s lots I want to do, dreams too, really there’s lots.




I know it’s greedy.
But, this, all of it, getting to know the things I like, it’s because I had Morning Musume。.
Morning Musume。 for me, this worlds infinite possibilities, hope, and love, I learned about it.




And time is finite too.





What is it that I want to challenge myself with most right now?
When I think about it there were lots I want to challenge myself with.


I this year, I’m gonna be 24.
So I can do the things I want to challenge myself with,
with this timing, going solo, I felt I want to challenge myself to many more things.




After graduating as 「Iikubo Haruna」, I feel I want to continue doing my best in the entertainment world.
I might not get satisfying results for all the challenges but,
for everyone supporting me, I’ll do my best so I can make lots of announcements!




With my time left, with the members and all the fans, I want to treasure the time even more, I want to increase my memory album of 「Morning Musume。」.




And after graduating too I’ll focus on getting your love so, please continue to support me forever!






For now! Tomorrow’s concerts in Hokkaido!
For me, this is my last Hello!Project Concert Tour, I’m gonna enjoy it with all I got kay (*´◒`*)



Until my graduation there’s still about 4 months, please continue to support me!




Morning Musume。’18 Iikubo Haruna






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