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2018-09-26 20:34:57
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Today was a day off (*´◒`*)♡



I went out with my beloved Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan〜!


Toyosu’s teamLab!









Aya-chan in high spirits with the balloons lol





Well you know, we said we should do something that’ll take a long time together so we had an arrangement past 8:30 and went to first one in the morning one (*´◒`*) lol




For me it’s my 2nd time at teamLab but it’s a place that’s very fun and I love it so I wanted to go with Aya-chan too!
It was really fun〜〜!!












After that, we walked around Toyosu Park, we at a meal at LalaPort,
we went to Odaiba beachfront park too (*´꒳`*)





My first in Odaiba beachfront park!


With the drinks and stuff we bought at LalaPort, we spent time watching the ocean ^ ^



After that, we walked aiming for Odaiba’s Statue of Liberty but, what, have you seen it from behind?


It’s the Statue of Liberty but, looking at her from behind, her hairstyle, it an kanzaji, it’s in a Japanese hairstyle!!


I had no idea〜〜



Up to now I’ve only seen it from the front but, seeing it from behind for the first time I learned that.


You have to see it to believe it you know, that was the reality of that moment!





In the evening we said byebye, at night with my little sister we went to my Baba (My grandma-chan)’s house (*´꒳`*)!


It was a fulfilling break!



It was a very joyful day (*´◒`*)♡




On WEAR there’s various other cuts I put up too you know!
Look at it KAYーーー



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EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji














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