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2018-09-27 23:51:24
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This Monday’s scheduled Hello!Pro! Allstars Nationwie handshake was happening but, considering the effects of the typhoon, it’s being suspended.




Everyone looking forward to it, we’re sorry.



I was also really looking forward to it so it’s really sad( ; ; )


Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Tokyo, not being able to go there, us not being able to see each other, it’s sad…


Waーーー, we can’t do the event in Hokkaido maybe( ; ; )









It’s forced but, let’s do a star watching meet or somethign in Hokkaido!←
(The shadow in the picture is me)





Waーーーー, I had thought I could go again for sure but, nothing in this world is definite yah…You typhoon!


Everyone in the areas forecasted to be effected by the typhoon, earnestly please be careful kay!!









Today for my clothes style it matched with FUkumura Mizuki-san’s so, we took pictures together!











I had a ponytail so, I did Tsubaki Factory’s 「Mou Saikoー!」 respect pose. lol



On WEAR I’ll put up other pictures too kay!





And you know, Mogami Moga-san introduced me to, was interested in and read it, published with Ribon, 「Sayonara Miniskirt」 is so interesting…!


The unbelievable development, it’s got me GakuGaku shivering!


For me I’m reading it with Shounen Jump+ but, I read it while recommending it to Oda, Ayumin, and Fukumura-san. lol



And so you know, for whatever reason, in the above picture of my clothes too, there’s the point of Miniskirt and Pants being linked to the manga so I was UkiUki cheery when we took it (*´◒`*) lol



Those interested by all means please try reading it kay




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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