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2018-10-24 22:53:22
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Today, the 66th Double A-side Single 「Furari Ginza/Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」 is relased〜〜!!


Waーーー!PachiPachiPachiPachi ClapClap!



For the additional track 「Y-jiro no Tochuu」 has also been published♡









Everyone today (*´꒳`*)



All three songs, I love them, they’re special songs so by all means please listen to it a lot kay!


For tomorrow we’ll be doing events at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Water Fountain Plazaーーー(*≧∀≦*)





Lately excitements been high all the time you now, in the dressing room we’re nothing but messing around! lol
Mainly me! lol


That is, laughing and messing around together, getting on board with it, it makes me happy ( ^∀^)


I’m having fun days☆





Today between work with Morito Chiichan and my family’s second daughter(the gyaru)we had lunch and went shopping and, on the street, there was a wall with Munch’s 「Sakebi」[tl aka: the Scream] so we took a picture!lol










Completely in it, so cute! lol lol




The deadline for applications for my fanclub bus tour which That kind of(?)Chiichan is coming as guest for the 1st day is coming at last tomorrow!!





Morning Days Happy Holiday Teaser Video
[tl note: originally embedded in her blog]




By all means please come hang out (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))



Well you know, I don’t know what we get to do but, it’d be great if we could hold something after 21;00 like a night meeting that wouldn’t be in the DVD either yah…!
Like holding a banquet performance or something… I wonder how it would be! lol
I’m having all kinds of wild fantasies(*´꒳`*) huhuhu




Details are here!








For my clothes today, it’s black and beige chic atmosphere (^^)
Look at it KAY〜〜!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji















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