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2018-10-25 21:03:42
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Today was a release event at Ikebukuro Sunshin City Water Fountain Plaza (*´ー`*)


Everyone who came,
thank you so much!



Today too, 360° arouーーーnd from above to below, we were surrounded by lots of people, no matter where you look there were fans, it was fun♡









I’m indebted to water fountain plaza a lot, I think this is my last for doing events like this there and so, it was deeply moving.


I’ve got to show stories too,
When Michishige Sayumi-san became leader, Nakazawa Yuuko-san was there too,
there was the mysterious baseball like thing too,
and surprises…


It really feels like the number people I see when we go there increasing, doing our best doing activities there, there was a moment I felt that these days weren’t not wasted!



Thank you so much!


Tomorrow is events at Ario Kawaguchi〜(*゚∀゚*)
We’ll be waiting for you








Please listen!!!!



Something unthinkable happened!!!!



It’s a shocking picture!!!!


















is buyingn waterrrrrrr!!!

This thrifty Ishida Ayumi-chan, buying!!! And water no less!!!!



Me and Oda Sakura-chan were like what happened!? What is this?! We were in uproar. lol



But for now you know, in Ayumin’s way, she compared different shops and got the cheapest water it seems ( ̄∀ ̄)
In that way she hasn’t changed! Thank goodness! lol




It was extra surprising so I took a picture but, you can get it from the expression, we were really messing around yah lol lol



These, messing around dressing room days ( ̄∀ ̄)






For my clothes today, notice the new shoes☆
Look at it KAYーーーー!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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