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2018-10-28 22:17:35
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Yesterday at Niigata prefecture’s Nagaoka,
Today’s Miyagi prefecture in Sendai, were concerts♡



Everyone who came, thank you so much!


It was a very fun two daysー(*´꒳`*)



I got contacted by Bitter&Sweet’s Hasegawa Moemi-chan, she said thanks for doing a concert in Nagaoka! (^^)



That’s right, even though we do things in Niigata, we don’t really do much in Nagaoka yahー!


We at lots of yummy koshihikari rice too, the dressing room was wide too, it’s pretty, the best♡






And today’s sendai too, we ate yummy gyuutan and, the shirasudon and stuff (*゚∀゚*)



And then you know, the surprise in the dressing room too♡









Fukumura Mizuki-san’s birthday is soon and so, after the review meeting finished, an assortment of fruits appeared〜!!



Being aware of Halloween there were decorations too it was very cute (*^^*)



I already handed over Fukumura-san’s birthday present one piece but, that today Fukumura-san was wearing it〜〜♡


Unfortunately there wasn’t time and I couldn’t get a picture so, next time she wears it I’ll put it up kay (*´◒`*)




And one more surprise…!



After the night performance finished, the Tohoku Staff-san had a Job Well Done surprise for me (´;ω;`)









It made me really happy (´;ω;`)!!



This poster made me happy too, with Chiroru Choco as deco-choco the had me, and the tours title in it…!



I got plenty of chocolate and went home♡



Sendai is a place I’ve come to a lot, from here my chances to come here will decrease but, it’s a place I’ve come to love!
After I greaduate, I’ll do my best so I can get work that will let me come here (*´◒`*)!!!!





For the two days, thank you so muchーーー(*゚▽゚*)




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