Sayumin Special!

2018-11-03 18:00:54





Home Run Dome presents
『Michishige Sayumi SAYUMIN SPECIAL!』


Radio Kansai open recording has been scheduledピンクハート




The open recording is 11/11(Sun)星18:30~20:00星



It seems the viewing area will be first come first serve, (Thank you so much❣️)
I heard you can watch it the usual way too!
If you like please coe kay!





My assistants will be, Lovelys’s Miyazaki Rio-chan and Yagi Saki-chanおすましペガサス


I’m looking forward to getting to see the 2 of them too!!ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート






For details




↑From here 💁‍♀️ please look at itハート




We’re taking in questions too so
I’m waiting for lots of questions…ニコニコぽってりフラワーぽってりフラワー







The recording radio on air is,


Don’t miss it〜ハートハートハート

















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