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2018-11-02 22:23:41
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An announcement to everyone who supports Hello!Project



Today, it’s an announcement related to Yanagawa Nanami.


Yanagawa Nanami-chan in March of next year will be graduating from Juice=Juice/Country Girls and Hello!Project.


Her clear singing voice and skillful talk is impressive
A hard worker, plenty considerate and kind Yanamin
of course it’ll feel lonely right.


Until her graduation, please continue to give your support.


Fukumura Mizuki







Today, at Shosen Book Tower Akihabara store


Fukumura’s newest photobook
「Makana」 had a release commemoration handshake event


Really lots of you came and that made me happyEmoji
Everyone thank you so muchEmoji


my first handshake event since turning 22Emoji
that said… with hairstyle matching my outfit and stuff too, the atmosphere I tried to make feel mature


I got told I had a different atmosphere than usually too yahEmoji


It was a short song but, the opinions from everyone
getting to talk about favorite pages and outfit talk and stuff, it was very funEmoji


There were those that said it was the first photobook they boughtEmoji
I’ll be watching from here on kay〜 there were those that said that too so it’s DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji


After the event, I got to sign a big poster♪
When you got shopping at Shosen Book Tower-san by all means please look kayEmoji



Matching with Makana, in present shape I got a fantastic cake tooEmoji
It Uu〜n smelled great
Everyone who came
thank you so muchEmoji



Tomorrow’s Morning Musume。’18 are doing various meets in Osaka!
I want to talk a lot and have fun
The members together will be waitingEmoji




Saturday Late Night 0:58~
TBS-san 「COUNT DOWN TV」 will have Morning Musume。’18 appearingEmoji


By all means please watchEmoji











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