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2018-11-04 22:38:33
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was various meet-ups at Iidabashi


For today’s event we were split between the senpai group and the kouhai group for the time difference event so
When Mizuki and group started, the kouhail group parted saying 「ByeBy〜e」, and started!!



Everyone who participated
Thank you so muchEmojiEmoji


It was half the usual time so it was short but, it was funEmoji
I liked the announcement before the handshake too〜EmojiEmoji


🍜 For the raーmen shop Mizuki wants to recommend, it’s Kagurazaka do your own way shio raーmen♪Emoji




Talk about my birthday event, thoughts on the tour, and my photobook
talks about hair color and make-up
we got lots of yells saying do our best in Mexico and NY! tooEmojiEmoji


I haven’t packed yet so
I think I’ll be gradually packingEmoji



We were so exicted for the group cheki event it was strangeEmojiEmoji
The theme most people picked was 「Please Go Wild WIth All Your Power」, we went wild with full power


Since we’re talking about full power〜EmojiEmoji
But it was fun, thank youEmoji


By the way, full poewr was like thisEmoji
Why is it like thisー!?!?Emoji
Occasionally there are days like this too… yah!





And yesterday
Morning Musume。 senpai Mitsui Aika-san
announced her graduation from Hello!Project, and retirement from the entertainment industry.


Mitsui-san, when we 9ki member joined, immediately she really taught us a lot
The only one to scold us like that was just Mitsui-san.
After graduation, she watched us and pointed things out to us too
Since becoming members we’ve always been grateful.




Walking to pancake shops, sweets paradise, Harajuku
Going around shopping together without parents, with Mitsui-san it was my first timeEmoji


After she graduated the time we got together when we went to Houston together made me really very happyEmoji
I stuck to her the whole timeEmoji
Mitsui-san interpreted for usEmoji
Getting to work together felt like a joyEmoji


Her coming to see Morning Musume。 and Hello!Project concerts,
she cheered for usEmoji



Since joining, Mitsui-san has always felt like a mature person but, thinking about it she was younger than Mizuki is now
That teen taking us along to all sorts of places, giving us guidance you know…thinking that, I’m filled for feelings of true gratitude and apologies.


When we meet, Mitsui-san powers me up, she’s really amazing, that’s how I feel.


I love Mitsui-san’s cooking tooEmoji
It’s really yummy



What I learned from Mitsui-san, I remember each and every thing firmly.
That I’m passing on to my kouhai now as well
I’m inheriting in what I learned Mitsui-san.




For everything up to now, thank you so much.
I look forward to what you’ll be doing from here even moreEmoji
From here on as well please continue to support me


Fukumura Mizuki




BS Skypaー!san 「FULL CHORUS 〜 Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜」


Space Shower TV Plus-san 「Morning Musume。’18 Special」



By all means please watch kay♪♪♪











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