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2018-11-05 22:22:32
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


On TBS-san’s 「CDTV」-san
Morning Musume。’18 got to appearEmojiEmojiEmoji


Twitter too…Emoji


「Furari Ginza」
it perfect picked isn’t itEmojiEmoji



And BS Skypaー!-san
「FULL CHORUS 〜 Ongaku wa, Furu Koーrasu〜」, did you get to see it?EmojiEmoji


We got to perform 「Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara」 Emoji


The length of this song… it goes to the 2nd key change!EmojiEmoji
In that keychange we showed the “Freedom” formation so
it getting to play on Full Chorus TV, made me really happyEmojiEmojiEmoji


Morning Musume。 got lots of performances (*´˘`*)♡
Thank you so muchEmoji





In total, 100 books!


Fukumura Mizuki latest photobook
「Makana」 signing is finishedーー!!!


A picture dancing for joy without my face capturedEmojiEmoji


Reaching everyone’s home’s soonーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji








At last tomorrow
the birthday event goods


the towel with the hood


From 18:00, mail order applications are startiーngEmojiEmojiEmoji
Please look at the Hello!Project Official Fan ClubEmojiEmoji
For sureーーEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji



On NHK Group-san’s 「UtaCon」 we get to appear!


Don’t miss the live broadcast〜♪











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