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2018-11-13 22:10:06
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji




I’m homeーEmoji




We’ve returned back to JapanEmoji


Today I ended up taking a nap all afternoonEmoji




But once again I have to prepare for luggage for NY yahEmoji


Mexico was fun yah
Everyone really for the lots of support, thank you so muchEmoji



A happy Fukumura Announcement
12/5 Fukumura Mizuki Image BD
『One day』 is releasing!


As the title says, it feels like “1 day for Mizuki”EmojiEmoji
We shot in places I loveEmoji
Talk about that will come next time♪


OyasuMizukiEmojiEmoji Picture♪




And I brushed my teeth!
Admire it with the photobook yah! lol


The now released photobook「Makana」 please give it support too♪







Special Edition~ 「PuchiBest 19」 Release Commemoration Event! Thirty Six Sections This Year We Also Talk Hello!Project Special 2018~


Waーi! YahhoーーーiEmojiEmoji


As guest Fukumura Mizuki gets to appearEmoji
It’s been about 2 years I think?!
WaーiWaーi! Dekami-saaーーーnEmojiEmoji😍💕💕💕
I get to meet youuuu〜〜〜EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


12/19 (Wed) 20:00~
We’re doing it at Tower Record Shibuya-sanEmojiEmoji


EmojiDetails are hereEmoji


We’ll be waitingEmoji
By all means pleaes come down kayEmoji


It’ll be openly distributing tooEmoji
I wawnt to have a fun talkEmoji



This is being laid-back in MexicoEmojiEmoji











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