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2018-11-22 22:02:55
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


In my last blog
lots of you were surprised that Fukumura Mama can gameEmojiEmojiEmoji


Usually Mama likes games tooEmoji


A long time back, we’d have matches in Gamecube Mario KartEmoji
After that, there’s Mario Party, Luigi’s Mansion, ChibiRobo, Pokemon
We’d have matches on Wii, and and lately we’d do Splatoon!Emoji


Now, Kingdom Hearts lll is soon I want it to come out 😣Emoji


But when the game is over it’ll all be finished〜
I can’t do that now yahEmojiEmoji


By the way, Mizuki, coming home from Mexico, for about 4 hours she played Tetris inside hte planeEmojiEmoji


I might have gotten a bit stronger!Emoji





Ice Cream in Mexico
at the time, Mizuki went with yogurt flan BowersEmoji


In Japan, I ate the familiar DEAN & DELUCA and Starbucks for breakfast♪


And with Eripon, I want to go yah! I got like that for Red LobsterEmoji


Everyone, when we found shops that are in Japan too
we’d immediately go, 「A! It’s ○○ー!」!


It’s embarassing so don’t mind it kayEmojiEmoji
They have those overseas they do they do??Emoji






A bit before our Puramu-chan
goes around attacking these slippers all the time when Mizuki is wearing them…Emoji


On days she’ll run and on others she’ll chaseEmojiEmoji



Puramu, when Mizuki goes, 「Kurara〜」
just calling Kurara’s name, she gets jealous of Kura-chan so already it’s tough!


she might be jealous of MuーkoEmoji
I wonder if a day will come where they’ll be fine…?EmojiEmoji




Today I got letters and presents from everyoneEmojiEmoji
Thank you天使Emoji
I’m so happy, I started reading the letters from the train ride homeEmoji



Tomorrow is concerts at NHK Osaka HallEmoji
The first in 4 weeks〜Emoji
We’ll be waiting for youEmoji












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