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2018-11-24 00:01:12
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today in Osaka♪
The first concerts in 4 weeks!!


It’s been such a long time〜Emoji
The excitement was up upEmoji


Yokoyan, well it felt like it was her first time coming back to Japan that’s why yahEmoji



With the afternoon performance over… I got muscle pains quick tooEmojiEmoji
Ouch ouchーー笑い泣き



But through the overseas performances, Morning Musume、。’18 has grown I thinkEmoji
With full power we sang and dancedEmoji


I wonder how it was〜EmojiEmoji


I wonder if all the fans watched feeling that 「Welcome Home〜」 feeling tooEmoji
The loud cheers, it became power♪


Thank you so much for your support (*´Д`*)ノ))




Today from Sanrio-san
we got lots of Gaokkiー goodsEmoji


This is a pouchEmoji
From 12/6 at Kiddyland (Harajuku store, Osaka Umeda store, Saitama Hanyuu store, Kamiotai store) it’s being soldEmoji


I super like themEmoji
The zipper part is a Kurara charmEmoji
Immediately at the concert I put on the hair band♪
Ayumin couldn’t put it on with her hairstyle so she intrusted it to Mizuki


It became AyuMizuki hairEmojiEmoji


There’s lots of Gaokkiー goods so please look forward to itEmoji
Lately I’m always together with GaokkiーEmoji
We’re already good friendsEmojiEmoji






Already it’s not even 1 month until her graduationEmoji
1 by one there’s lots of things we do that are our last spent with Harunan, it’s lonely feelingEmoji
In my heart, I’m gonna treasure the time we have now!
I feel that unintentionally in these days we spend but
I don’t really let it out of my mouth so
today, speaking of it once again feels lonelyEmoji


The time we sing together
the time we spend WaiWai cheery in the dressing room
it’s a precious timeEmoji


Meeting was fate that’s why!
Let’s treasure our time together with Harunan yahEmoji




Tomorrow, with all the Hello!Pro Allstars
In Osaka and Tokyo over 2 days is various meet-ups!
For Fukumura, I’ll be waiting for you at Osaka ATC Exhibition Hall




Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
Oda Sakura-chan guest episode now distributing!
Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here









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