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2018-12-05 22:34:43


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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Angerme’s starring play
Theater Girl Troupe 「Attack No.1」


I got to go see it〜Emoji



Each of the characters
match the actual Angerme membersEmoji


With that significance without thinking there were parts I ended up tearing up, and I felt hte firely camaraderieEmoji



With Yagisawa Kaoru played by Akari-chanEmoji
Her Kansai dialect was cute〜EmojiEmoji


Coming out of Akari-chan’s mouth
O○○○○○ call was the best tooEmojiEmoji


Funakkiー and Kawamuー and Akari-chan as 3 sisters
It’s nice yah〜Emoji


Wanting to cheer for them even if they were the enemy team is amazingEmoji
That’s how real and how much heat I got so I felt like that, I was impressedEmoji



Seeing Angerme like that
was very funEmoji


Murotan’s character too, each and every movement
in all kinds of ways was really greatEmoji


The strength of the core Rinapuー has and her singing voice were both wonderfulEmojiEmoji


I like Kassaー’s songsEmoji
How she sings was cute tooEmoji


Kananan appearance was backwards?? the feelings I thought as the gap between the members was linked together


How Rikako’s impact and emotions were connectedEmojiEmoji


Kamiko’s friendliness and her voice matching with Wada-sanEmoji


They always have this WachaWacha chatty feel and
Wada-san, felt put together like a Kyu! too


It was like 「Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku」Emoji
↑This, I wonder if those who went to see it with have a similar responseEmoji


Hearing those lines made me happy tooEmoji


Ichioka Reina-chanEmoji
Shimakura Rika-chanEmoji
Nishida Shiori-chanEmoji
Eguchi Saya-chanEmoji


And Girl Troupe’s Onoda Ayu’s growth tooEmoji


The play songs had cute singing voices too〜EmojiEmoji


CHICA#TETSU girls are also Kansai Kantou
they’re divided just like that yah 😜♪


7 performances leftEmoji
Those who haven’t been able to see it yet by all means go to the theaterEmoji






For today at the shoot, the make-up artist-san did a manicure for meEmoji


Mizuki likes it, and occasionally she’s using
mascara of the same color


it’s a color I like〜Emoji






Announcement 672.gif
12/14 (Fri)’s release of Fukumura no Heya is the
「Right Before Iikubo Haruna’s Graduation SP」
We’re accepting mai until 12/6 (Thr) 19:00!
The 2 of us will be waiting for your letters✨


The address is halomoba@gmail.com25745.gif
→Hello!Moba Membership Registration is here




DVD 「Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki・Nonaka Miki Birthday Event」


Nonaka and Mizuki’s birthday event DVDs are being sold as a set478.png















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