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2018-12-10 10:55:49


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Yesterday, was the current tour’s last hall concert!


Everyone in Fuji thank you so much!!



The kindness from everyone to me really makes me happy too, the consideration to the members more than anything and, everyone having fun for themselves with all we’ve got, that really came across
it was a very fantastic day.



After the performance the 「Harunan Call」 too, until the end I listened to it!
I was watching the whole time beyond the dark cloth! From the lewd viewpoint! lol



Really tahnk you so much!







Yesterday during rehearsal, I got a surprise from the tour staff.



At rehearsals when I turned to the vision behind me, a horizontal banner put up behind the vision, there the characters, 「Until Nippon Budokan, Ganbatteikimasshoi!」, and lots of Haniーna were flying out.


Even more, there was a Tshirt with the staff’s collected autographs too!



Surprised like that, the song started playing, it was like, 「Eh!? We’re continuing like this!?」. lol



And after the song finished, 「With that, let’s do our best today too!」 it ended like htat, rehearsals were finsihed but, then the cameraman-san went


「Is it okay to finish it like thisーーー!?」 they said



And then even more a surprise present!











An album with messages from all the staff-san and, order made sneakers!!



It’s amazing, everything is detailed, the sneakers are Morning Musume。’s 「M」 and 10ki member’s 「10」, and my name is printed on it,
All the members color gems attached, and 「MM18」 decorates it
the socks are chocolate colored!
the star pattern is like my beloved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure you know!!



And the album too, all the pages are cute, opening it first off a picutre of the staff, each making a 「Y」 with their body, gathered together making a large 「Y」!
Lots of chocolates and flower stickers, for the message card, the 10ki in the shape of a four leaf clover. And the image of a bee hive, hexagon cute letters in it, all of it, all of it was an album I felt hte love from.



It’s the treasure of a life time!!!




This weekend at last is Budokan…


Suddenly, next week around this time, I won’t be Morning Musume。 huh… it’s a mysterious feeling (*´-`)









With my beloved everyone, I’ll have the best time!




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