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2018-12-11 22:15:06
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


I did a shoot for 「Famitsu」-sanEmoji


Last issue’s Akari-chan was really cuteEmoji


Since Mizuki was asked for the shoot too she was super looking forward to itEmojiEmoji


Mizuki, well… at the German VillageEmoji
At huge candies!!!


That’s a lieEmoji


「The German Village’s Miracle The Power of Smile」 and


「China Lantern Festival」


We did a shoot together with the illumination displays〜Emoji


It’s really pretty, from start to finish I was nothing but impressedEmojiEmojiEmoji
Of course illumination is great yahEmoji


This summer with all of Morning Musume。’18 we just went to the German Village too so
the atmosphere, scenery, and day and night from that time too


The gap between them was amazingEmojiEmoji


It seemed like a totally different placeEmoji


I had gone to the German Village countless times when I was small tooEmoji
I have memories running with my little bro, playing with the squirrels〜♪
By all means I want everyone to go on trips there yahEmoji


It’s next year 1/10’s release of Famitsu
Please give me your supportEmoji


Interview and game talk
I got to do a lot, it was funEmojiEmoji
You might not be able to enter into the illumination areas thoughEmoji



Today, we did rehearsals and stuff for the concerts we’re doing at Nippon BudokanEmoji



Tomorrow is the last TV appearance with the 12 of usEmojiEmoji


「2018 FNS Kayousai 2nd Night」


4 hour live broadcast〜EmojiEmoji
From 19:00!


By all means please watch kayEmojiEmoji


Even more〜 In the morning on 「MezamashiTV」-san
we’re scheduled to appear on MezamashiJanken!


It’s the morning’s scheduled 7:00 slot so〜 don’t miss outEmoji





Yesterday was TVTokyo-san
「MelodiX! Special 2018」 recording〜💕


Everyone cheered for us from the bleachers
thank you so muchEmoji


The broadcast is 12/27 (Thr) 23:20~25:25Emoji










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