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2018-12-16 23:34:38
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Today, I graduated from Morning Musume。’18 and with it, Hello!Project.



To everyone who came to Nippon Budokan,


To everyone who watched the live viewing,


To everyone watching the Skypaー! live broadcast,



All of those of you giving me your support today.


Thank you so much!!!!



Idol Iikubo Haruna, is completed!!!!




It’s the best, the joy, the fun, and the once in a lifetime unforgettable precious memories.







The 7 years I’ve done activities as Morning Musume。, really thank you so much.


My feelings, what I got to talk about in my letter, it’s everything.



From here on too, I’ll continue to return my feelings of gratitude!











When reading the letter, I got nervous I ended up saying 「Jinsei」[tl: human life] as 「Jinshei」. lol


But everyone warmly watching over me got it, after that even while being nervous, while being relaxed, I got my words across.













This dress too, it’s the kind of thing I want to wear! My request was made true by the outfit-san.


The honey color and chocolate color, because they’re precious colors (*^^*)



And the song that gave me growth.
I got to sing 「KoiING」 solo.















The medley direction, I’m grateful to YOSHIKO-sensei who gave us a 3 10ki members a future direction!


Each performance, seeing each other’s style, encouraging each other, we joined hands.















The loud 「Harunan Call」 from everyone, I heard it aーーーll!!!!




「It was joy」 「I love you」「Thank you」
Various words from the upper and inside seats, I could hear them, various people with various feelings coming to see me, really it makes me happy.



These words, all of this just like that are my feelings too you know!! lol













And when all is said and done, it’s a 12 person performance!


The maximum performance!


Getting to show everyone made me happy!








Now, I’m at home writing my blog but,


After the performance too you know, I was totally WaiWai excited. With the members I was smiling the whole time.


Even while smiling the tears came out.




Aa, from here on I’ll be alone.



Sheese being that I won’t have the chance to be WaiWai excited with everyone.




That really makes me feel lonely.















Really I like them. I love them!!!!!





But the 11 member activities, from here I’m really looking forward to it.


Well, cause from everyone I saw a sneak peak at the lessons!
It’s incredibly cool!!!!(`・ω・´)Doyaa




Morning Musume。 from here and,


Iikubo Haruna from here,



Please continue to give us your support!!!!









For bringing me up, thank you so much!!!!






Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji



















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One thought on “#MorningMusume。'18 #ToAllTheFans #ToAllThePeople Iikubo Haruna

  1. Awww you can feel the love she has for Morning Musume and the girls… TT this posts doesn’t seem like the last, but idk TT
    thank you for always translating her blog posts (I never really wrote a comment before but bc of your contents that I learned more about her ^^)

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