It’s Warm That’s Why #Iikubo Haruna


2018-12-18 20:48:29









SNS is amazing huh…
No matter when I appear, for sure someone is there, they give me responses.


It’s warm yah ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡



Twitter, Instagram, Ameblo, and WEAR, I get to read the comments with gratituーーーーーde.






A warm story in Budokan.














The Staff-san, and made them and decorated the dressing room.



The members you know, seeing these 「JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure」 sound effects,


「What’s this mean?」



That’s what they said




That’s right, since they’re people who haven’t read JoJo they don’t know which goes with what kind of situation huh? (*_*)



「This is the sound when you hit a frog」
「This is is the sound when you steal a kiss」





It was fun!


Explaining the sound effects, they told me, 「I want to read it now!」.




I’ll lend it to you soon kay, Fukumura-san (*´꒳`*) lol
























Fujiko FujioA-sensei, Horii Yuuji-san, I got to take two shots with them!



Getting told from sensei, let’s take a picture, that made me happy too!













My finger’s pointing wrong! Inexperienced!







Please listen to this story that made me happy.



My classmates that came to see hte concert said in unison, 「Your fans are nice」.



That’s right yah!? My people are all nice!!



I got to say that proudly (`・ω・´) Doyaa





People around me, it’s overflowing with kind people(*´-`)






Well then!
















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