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2018-12-24 22:34:51







Merry Christmas Eve〜(*´◒`*)



Are you having a fun time??




I am you know!


This evening, with my family I went and ate chicken and cake but



In the afternoon with my friend Ayano Ayumi-chan(Aーchan)I went to the 「Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibit -Casting Magic Art Gallery-」♡










Amazing! Inside except for the original images, photography is okay!











A big Kero-chan♡!










The Clow Cards♡!














The outfits that Tomoyo-chan made for Sakura♡!




All of it is cute, and nostalgic…♡




It’s already 20 years ago huh, the publication!


Now, they’re doing the Clear Card arc though!



When the anime airred I already really loved it, I like Yukito-san but,



My like of pale color characters had already started at that point huh.


Yukito is the starting point!!





Last year when I had a shoot in a uniform, I got my hair done FuyaFuya fluffy like Tomoyo, it’s a good memory (*´꒳`*)








↑This you know!




The outfits Tomoyo-chan made for Sakura are a ーーーーll cute, I wanted to wear them all! A girl’s dream, likes, all of it packed together!!





But this Sakura exhibit, I’m most glad to see the original work displayed.


Among all of Cardcaptor Sakura, they introduce important words, All the episodes being displayed are cool.


And all the pictures from CLAMP were extra detailed and charming, I’m grateful for the overwhelming prettiness of the pictures.



Analog pictures are great huh…!!!!



From the Clear Card Arc it’s digital but, that’s still drawn to purposefully give it a hand drawn style or rather, that the world look drawn years ago hasn’t changed so they can’t just leave that behind you know!!


And you don’t feel the age of the images from 20 years ago. It’s thorough work, it hasn’t faded!




Really, it’s a fantastic exhibition.




By all means. I recommend it!






Tomorrow night, from 19:00 I get to appear live on the NicoNico live broadcast 「Yoーsupi Santa’s Christmas」 (*´◒`*)


Appearing with such distinguished people…!


By all means please watch it kay〜〜♡!

















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