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2018-12-28 22:52:45
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Konban Po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Alreadyーatーsome point
going OyasuMizuki〜Emoji
I’m saying Happy New Year〜Emoji


For New Year, it’s Hello!ConーEmoji
before that I’m doing my best fo rthe CountConーEmoji
Hurーry CoーmeーCoーmeー on New YearsEmoji




What am I writing for my year end blog?… I’m thought about it but


The ’18 surveysEmoji
Lately I’ve forgottennnEmojiEmoji


It’s long awaited soEmoji
I tried asking people around me
I asked the new members tooEmoji



I’ll write it in the order I asked kay〜Emoji


〜’18 Survey, on liked oden ingredients〜


Takeuchi Mochi pouch!(Really it’s Chikuwabu)
Morito   Takeuchi-san! lol
Nakanishi   Konnyaku〜
Yamaki   Oden?! I haven’t eaten it before〜♡
Ishida   Gyuukushi! Beef Skewers!!(I haven’t eaten them before though〜♡)
Wada   Daikon Take, whatever is fine〜♪


Ise   Uーーーn, Daikon♡
Ota   Uーーn, Chikuwa


Hirai   Daikoーn!
Satoyoshi   Hanpen♡
Kobayashi   Eggs?♡
Oda   Daikon
Yamazaki It’s hanpen yah〜
Kiyono   For sure hanpen!!
Eguchi   Beef!



Collaborating with Eripon I asked up to this pointEmojiEmoji




and I haven’t eaten it before〜♡ there were those who were saying that too though←


For Mizuki of course it’s Daikon yahEmojiEmoji


Everyone what about you?〜EmojiEmojiEmoji


Mizuki you know,
daikon, konnyaku, konbu
if it’s got that kind of stuff she’s satisfiedEmojiEmoji


and dashimaki eggs are yummyEmoji
Every day is cold so oden warms you up〜EmojiEmoji





The anime I’ve been into lately!
「Tenseishitara Slime Datta Ken」 [tl aka: That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime]
A picture I took when I was at NY’s Anime MatsuriEmoji


This time, there’s not details about there so
with the main character slime-sama I put my elbowsEmojiEmoji


How rude!!!笑い泣き


Lately I’m waiting for stories〜♡
Everyday is fun!



From the left CHICA#TETSU’s Eguchi Saya-chanEmoji
Ame no Mori Kawa Umi Yamazaki Yuhane-chanEmoji
and MizukiEmoji












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