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2018-12-29 22:36:30
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today was CountCon RehearsalsEmoji


I super super super did my bestEmoji
Super Super Super Super did my bestEmojiEmojiEmoji


With the members that finished together
with the sense of accomplished that we finished


Let’s eat meatー and being like that we wentEmojiEmoji


Today was finished a little fastEmoji
so it’s a year-end partyーEmojiって


Tomorrow and the day after is work but
the feel was its’ the last workーEmojiEmoji


With water we did a kanpai!


The members were
Oda Sakurahan
Morito Chisakihan
Kaga Kaedehan
Ishida Ayumihan
Oda Sakurahan’s Motherhan
Fukumura Mizuki





Having fun being WaiWai cheery, I’ve forgotten what we talked aboutEmoji
Ah, Chiichan’s face reocgnition authentication story was funny so for some reason I wanted that to come up yahEmojiEmoji


Everyone have you done your year-end parties and stuff too I wonderEmojiEmoji


Free Mizuki
I had forgotten to bring Furari MizukiEmojiEmojiEmoji




Looking at the blog comments I came home but


Even though I was full, the information about what everyone likes for their oden really got to me


Even more my stomach got sore…EmojiEmoji
That means thank you for the commentsEmojiEmoji


Well, from here, I gotta do the curvy dance (๑˙ㅂ˙)و



Aaaー suddenly I’ve gotten the hiccupsssーEmojiEmoji


the final broadcast with us as Morning Musume。’18
Radio Morning Jogakuin, listen kay〜♡









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