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2018-12-31 19:08:00
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


At Last New Year’s Eve!!


That is to say Happy New Year’s Eve po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Everyone how have you spent itEmojiEmoji


We’re indebted a lot for ’18 tooEmoji


A few years ago… I never thought that I’d come to love the year number like this too


And in a few hours, Morning Musume。’18 well… it feels lonelyEmoji


Everyone, this year too
thank you so much for the lots of support for Morning Musume。’18Emoji


Morning Musume。’18 did our activities with the power we got from everyoneドキドキ


Though all media, TV shows, radio shows


Spring tour, Fall tour, we were able to go all around the country
The play 「Pharaoh no Haka 〜Jaou Sneferu〜」 too


65th Single and the 66th Single release
Release Commemoration Events
Handshake Events, Cheki Events, Signings


Individually, my photobook 「Makana」’s release too
Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」
My 22nd Birthday Event音譜


The unforgettable midsummer firey excitement
our first time facing 「ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2018」
The scenery from LAKE STAGE moved me so much I felt like crying
And we got to have an amazing experienceプレゼントEmoji


For the first time we got it too
The 「Nippon Megane Best Dresser Award」サングラス流れ星流れ星





At the spring tour, Ogata Haruna-chan’s graduation
At the fall tour, Iikubo Haruna-chan’s graduation


The feelings of loneliness ended up continuing too huh


Our 20th Anniversary year
Morning Coffee (20th Anniversary Ver.)


The Christmas Event 🎄
The end of year Section Thirty Six event too, it was supremely funEmoji



This year as an extra volume, on 「Kaitou Sentai Lupanranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger」, Kudou Haruka-chan is working hard, that made me happy too you knowEmoji


and reading this blog and the commentsEmoji
reading it every day is fun. Thank youEmoji


We got lots of love from everyone in 2018 too
We got blessed with lots of work we can do so much so I can’t write it all


And conversely… there were lots of vexing feelings tooEmoji


Feels like we coulda done more…
Conversely, feels that were like it’s already impossible too…


We did our best so, there were lots of those feelings


And every time everyone was always there with us


Really thank you so muchEmojiEmoji






And even saying that you knowEmoji
With the opening of hte year, the spring tours been scheduled too
and the best album release has been announced tooEmoji


Don’t sway your eyes away from us in 2019 either kay…EmojiEmoji
Please give us your supportEmoji





And soon
Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!!


The Hello!Pro Countdown Party’s 2 partsEmoji


Here it’s Nakano Sunplaza, BS Skypaー!
And at each live viewing venue too, you can look forward to itEmojiEmoji


The last Heiseiiiii! New Year’s Eveeee!EmojiEmoji


Please have fun kay~EmojiEmoji




And Tonight from 11:55
TBS TV-san 「CDTV Special! End of the Year Premiere Live 2018⇒2019」
Morning Musume。’19 gets to appearEmoji


By all means please watch kayEmoji


To a good Year ໒꒱












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