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2019-01-01 22:01:49
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


New Year’s it’s 2019
We’ve become Morning Musume。’19Emoji


This year too please continue to give us your supportEmojiEmoji
Yesterday was the
Countdown party


We spent it at Nakano Sunplaza and
Eripon had super electronics in the dressing roomEmoji


That was… an electronic carpetEmoji


It’s awesome yahEmoji


In the cold dressing room, having an electric carpet changes the whole room
The times I like are sleeping on it, telling ghost stories with everyone, having fun talking, fixing my make-up


It’s completely relaxing & gives the room excitement like a field trip room
On stage and in the dressing room we had a fun timeEmoji


But there isn’t one tomorrow so… it’s sad…Emoji






Yesterday’s 2 show actually
with all the Musume。 members, we came out with the same Kirakira sparkling on our eyes〜EmojiEmoji


Did you notice I wonder〜Emoji



The 1st part was primarily the songs released in 2018
The 2nd part is primarily songs that will get us all excited together, that’s what we showed Emoji


During the 2nd part, RKB Radio-san appeared by phoneEmoji


Hearing Nakazawa Yuuko-san’s voice made me happyEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



Ishida Ayumi-chan was inaugurated as Morning Musume。 Subleader
I, Fukumura Mizuki was also announced as being appointed the next generation of Hello!Pro leadersEmoji


Wada Ayaka-san and I together were chosen as Leader, Sub-leader
Up to now we’ve gone our best together so
from here on too I’ll give my very best


From here on too, please continue to give your support to Hello!ProjectEmoji




After the countdown live finished without issues
in high excitement I returned home…
for a little bit, then I got really sleepy…


Writing on the living room’s electronic carpet, I took a picture


UtoUtoUtoUto dozing…… I took it with a sle〜epy faceEmoji
I’m sorry…


After this I took a bath and went to sleep right away.
Of course mybody was tired too so 2019’s first sleep was super sound


A, (猪) Choー soundly [tl note: Cho = boar like year of the boar/ Chou = super]
Just for the year of the boar huhEmojiEmojiEmoji



On the road home, I got a HNY mail from Kudou Haruka-chan
All of LINE was high energy
she saw the CDTV Special in real time tooEmoji






Morning Musume。’19  Instagram has started
Please give us a follow♡




From tomorrow the Hello!Project concerts are starting too♡


Pay attention to the new members participating for the first time too kay
Of course! Cheer for Morning Musume。’19 too kayEmoji


Not to be beaten by Morning Musume。’18
Morning Musume。’19 will do our best too ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


We’ll be waiting at Nakano SunplazaEmoji












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