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2019-01-05 22:24:17
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Hello!Con in Nakano SunplazaEmoji


Everyone who came
thank you so muchEmoji


Today Araki Yuuko-san came tooEmoji
it makes me happy yahEmojiEmoji
Let’s each do our best this year too yah!! She said that to usEmoji
I’m super looking forward to the Mon@9 starting from the 7th tooEmoji



In Hello!Pro too it seems a cold is going aroundEmoji


Nakanishi Kana-chan has influenza
Miyazaki Yuuka-chan was feeling unwell
so today they took a day off of performances.


Murota Mizuki-chan is coming back from today!!!


When it starts spreading so that it doesnt’ spread wide, everyone’s washing hands, and using hand sanitizer and stuff too


And hearing the Hello!Members voices, it charges your stamina
please do your best to not catch cold kayEmojiEmoji


And, so you don’t infect people! This is really important!!



By the way, Mizuki is warm tooEmojiEmoji
Every day I’m PokaPoka warm with one of my favorite mufflersEmoji
I have to weather the cold too yah!!!


It seems R-1 Yogurt is also effeective preventionEmoji


From here on I’ll use it for hay fever too yah (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋


TekaTeka Gleaming
this outfit and R-1 match…


I like low sugar・low calorie or grapefruit mix 💕Emoji


With Makino Maria-chanEmoji


Maria, usually wears one pieces but
at Hello!Con, she’s charming with gap between that and her cool outfitsEmoji


I like Mizuki’s good’s outfit〜Emoji
It’s rose colored & FuwaFuwa fluffy
it’s calmingEmoji


Tomorrow is concerts at Nakano Sunplaza too!


Everyone with each highlight, can see our growth and spirit
it’s every day getting ti down♪


Nakano’s first half with tomorrow will be finished so
Tomorrow let’s get large scale fired up too kay♪
Please give us your support







Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition


We’re mass recruiting new members!


・Elementary 5th years to high school 2nd year Japan resident females
・Lovers of Morning Musume。, Hello!Project
・Lovers of song and dance, with confidence in song or dance
・Wanting to make the most of their own strong points and special skills
・Wanting to find a 「New self」


We’re waiting for lots of applications


☆Audition Site is Here☆


Application Period: 1/2 (Tue) ~ 2/15 (Fri)
WEB:12:00 (Noon) Application Deadline
Mailing:2/15 Arrival


▼Audition Announcement Video
「Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Auditions」 Opens!


「Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Auditions」 Opens! (long Ver.)
Tonight’s broadcast of Radio Nippon / Gifuchan
Morning Jogakuin is the 10ki, 13ki SpecialEmoji










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