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2019-01-07 21:21:42
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


1/7, Today is
Ishida Ayumi-chan’s Birthday〜🎂🎉


♪Happy Birthday Dear Ayumi*¨*•.¸¸♪nEmojiEmoji


22 Emoji Congratulations Emoji


We’re the same age yahEmoji
The sole members in Hello!Pro that are the same age


At handshake events and stuff we’re often told
It’s the 「AyuMizuki Generation」!Emoji


EmojiAyuMizuki GenerationEmoji


We’re the same year there’s significance to that and
it makes me happy, it’s cute, I like those wordsEmojiEmoji


The AyuMizuki Generation, from here on we’ll do our best tooEmojiEmoji


I like Ayumi-chan’s bob hair so
I’m happy with the current bob-min yahEmoji


Birthday Goods…The Ishida, it’s got that feelEmojiEmoji
Mizuki’s Daーishi sandwich〜Emoji


Aren’t you jealous??EmojiEmoji


If you have this towel, you’ve always got Ayumin with you so you won’t be lonely yah


Ishida Ayumi-chan from theo ther day, when the subleader appointment was announced
From here on too, please give us your supportEmoji



When it was ’18’s Mizuki birthday, Ayumin did it
Mizuki also did it in returnーEmojiEmoji


💙A Celebratory Comment To Ayumi on her Birthday Today Here💙



Everyone today, did you eat nanakusagayu?


Seri, nazuna, gogyou, hakopera,
hotokenoza, suzuna, suzushiro, the seven vernal flowers


Mizuki can say them ( ̄ー+ ̄*)Emoji


And this too↓


The 12 Chinese Zodiac yah ( ̄ー+ ̄*)kira-nEmoji


I wonder if I can’t say them, thinking it seemed like that, I wanted to say them~EmojiEmoji






Every Monday 25:00~25:30
TVTokyo-san 「The Girls Live」



2 Week continuing project
Hello!Pro 2019 Better Fortune SP🎍🐗


Each groups leader’s fortune,
Getters Iida’s top pupil is telling our fortunes🔮


Members wail💧
And the reason for that is…⁉️


Morning Musume。’19’s newest song
「I surrender Ai Saredo Ai」 First TV showingEmoji


Currently released
「Gekkan The Television」-san


Hello!Project Formation’s 20th Anniversary Commemorative Serial
「Hello!愛(Love)」 is also appearing in the WEB edition too!


Fukumura Mizuki is answering questions from readers!【Hello!Pro Formation’s 20th Anniversary Serial】




In the 1/10 release of 「Famitsu」-san
Fukumura Mizuki, is published in a solo gravureEmoji
And a shoot with illumination displays音譜
I’m looking forward to itドキドキ




USEN Music News Site 「encore (アンコール)
Angerme Wada Ayaka × Morning Musume。’19 Fukumura Mizuki Special Interview




Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition
Accepting applications here








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