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2019-01-29 22:56:56
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



This morning, I’ve been hit by muscle pain so bad at this point, I couldn’t get upEmoji


I ended up being all, 「Owwwww!!!」 and sleeping
This continued over and overEmoji


It hurrrtsssーー…. That feeling continues even now


My muscle pain is so bad even when opening a PET bottle cap I get PuruPuru shakyEmoji




Last night I didn’t think it’d be this kind of muscle pain


The story My doggy 「Kurara Stood〜」 that I’ve told before.


So excited while walking
Kurakura bounds ahead PyonPyon standing on her back legs but
↑Kuratan when she was young you knowEmoji



Last might, Puramu-tan did the same thing!


Puramu stood too〜〜!!!


Even now I give her a reaーlly small amount of milk but


She can’t wait for me to mix and dissolve the cat milk powder into it……




Oh no, it’s jumping like her always doing the stance for itEmojiEmoji


Her being cute, a couple of times on purpose I’d give her the spoonEmojiEmoji






This is cute tooEmojiEmoji


During the 2018 Countdown live
As Morning Musume。’18 and Country・Girls (And lots of other things too) She did her best, it’s Morito Chisaki-chanEmoji


Morito Chiichan, Yamaki Risa and Fukumura, the moment we were going good girl good girl!!EmojiEmoji












「MORE」-san March Issue
「CD Journal」-san
「Famitsu」-san(Fukumura Mizuki)


Now on sale!



「Fukumura no Heya」


Takase Kurumi-chan guest episode now distributing!


Next episode’s guest is
Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chanEmoji


The deadline for letters is 1/30  19:00Emoji



Testing a new corner
「Solving Troubles with Kiraーnly!」
We’re waiting for your troublesEmoji




Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Auditions now being held!!!


義理チョコGirls who want to be Morning Musume。 Click here!義理チョコ


Morning Musume。’19’s Official Instagram has started too! Please follow♡













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