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2019-01-31 21:58:35
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
Today, there was snow forecasted huhEmoji
I didn’t see the forecastsEmoji


And so from around the evening, it suddenly started raining, it was bad〜Emoji


You okay everyoneはてなマーク



Today I did all kinds of all kinds〜EmojiEmoji


First off 「Fukumura no Heya」EmojiEmojiEmoji


Guest was Kasahara Momona-chanEmoji
Radio with Kassaー, it was fun〜EmojiEmoji


The excitement from all the Angerme fans is hi~ghEmojiEmojiand the letters amont too of courseEmojiEmoji
We got lots of letters like 「We〜〜〜i」EmojiEmoji



15 year old KassaーEmoji
Compared to when I was there, I felt like not just her look but her core is more mature you know〜.


2/5〜 is when it’s scheduled to air so
please look forward to itEmoji



Occasionally at handshake events and on my blog
I ask, are you listening to 「Fukumura no Heya」〜?
there are those of you who are saving them up but


Those who aren’t listening to it
it’s a little OchikoMizuki [tl note: Ochikomi/depressing + Mizuki] yah( -᷄ ˍ-᷅)


And so you have to send letters too
cause I’ll be KanashiMizuki [tl note: Kanashimi/Sad + Mizuki]ーっ( ˟ ⌑ ˟ )


Next epsidoe, it’ll be the 42nd episode distributing!
Please give us your support♡




WIth MariaEmoji


Maria’s newest photobok
María 18 años 」 I saw it〜Emoji


Maria, how old are youびっくり!?
that’s how mature she seems〜Emoji


But she’s a high schooler huh〜 there’s that side tooEmojiEmoji
Compared to the last photobook it’s like she’s someone elseー!!


This photobook is like this too but
her bangs longr is kind of mature you know流れ星



There was an interview with Mariaキラキラ


During the interview, 「I felt like this…♪*゚」 there were lots of events like thatEmoji


Best Album
「Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary」, we talked about it♪


Those listening got hints of it too〜♪


When the info ban is lifted I’ll announce it again kay〜ハート









「MORE」-san March Issue
「CD Journal」-san
「Famitsu」-san(Fukumura Mizuki)


Now on sale!



「Fukumura no Heya」


Takase Kurumi-chan guest episode now distributing!


Next episode’s guest is
Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chanEmoji


The deadline for letters is 1/30  19:00Emoji



Testing a new corner
「Solving Troubles with Kiraーnly!」
We’re waiting for your troublesEmoji




Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Auditions now being held!!!


義理チョコGirls who want to be Morning Musume。 Click here!義理チョコ


Morning Musume。’19’s Official Instagram has started too! Please follow♡












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