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2019-02-01 21:49:27
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Yesterday the work I had with Maria was
for U-NEXT-san who we’re in debted to on the U-NEXT UpFRONT ChannelEmoji


「U-NEXT Guide March Edition」
(Intended for members with service)


For Mizuki, 「U-NEXT」-san. I love it


What I recently watch is…


「Zombieland Saga」


Joining mylist is


that’s itEmoji


you can see Hello!Pro Live videos and solo greeting videos tooEmojiEmoji




There’s things you want to see one after another so it’s fun, for sure♡





The day before yesterday I said how I end up collecting pandas, unicorns, and Dokin-chan〜 but


there’s other things too〜EmojiEmoji


I like swans and ☆ shapes tooEmoji
lately I’ve been unintentionally charmed by cat goods tooEmojiEmoji


And, I think about it the same as unicorns but, I love pegasuses tooEmoji


I’m collecting clothes, accessories, cushions, and plushes yonEmoji




I’ve decorated my room with star shapped goods, I hear that’ll UP my fortuneEmojiEmoji


It’s cute rightEmojiEmoji
Mizuki when she’s relaxing wants to look at itEmoji



Everyone, do you ahve something you like to gather, or something you end up just buyingー?EmojiEmoji



And more than anything what I preciously love is… Hello!Pro


From today it’s FebruaryーEmojiEmojiEmoji


Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition’s deadline


it’s in15 daysーーー!!!


If you’re unsureEmojiEmoji
just apply!


Don’t have confidence??
No one can do it from the beginning!


Loving Hello!ProEmoji
you can be good at what you like doing


I feel like it’s hard to think about auditions, there could be all kinds of things but…
If the deadline passes while you’re unsure it’d be bad you knowEmojiEmoji


In any case I want you to try applyingEmoji


The 15ki could be reading the blog right now!!
We’ll be waitingEmoji




( ̄ー+ ̄*)kiraーnEmoji
By the way I’m gathering this stuff tooEmoji
(Tearable Cheese)











「MORE」-san March Issue
「CD Journal」-san
「Famitsu」-san(Fukumura Mizuki)


Now on sale!



「Fukumura no Heya」


Takase Kurumi-chan guest episode now distributing!


Next episode’s guest is
Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chanEmoji


The deadline for letters is 1/30  19:00Emoji



Testing a new corner
「Solving Troubles with Kiraーnly!」
We’re waiting for your troublesEmoji




Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Auditions now being held!!!


義理チョコGirls who want to be Morning Musume。 Click here!義理チョコ


Morning Musume。’19’s Official Instagram has started too! Please follow♡











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