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2019-02-03 22:50:41
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Morning Musume。’19 LOVE Audition now being held!
the deadline is 2/15流れ星


義理チョコGirls who want to be Morning Musume。 click here!448.png








Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today is
Eripon’s home area Fukuoka’s Hello! Concertsグリーンハーツ


And for Maria, her first concert since turning 18ラブラブ


Even more
it’s OG guest Tanaka Reina-san’s home areaブルーハーツ


And even even more!
Juice=Juice’s formation dayトロピカルカクテル
Before the curtain rose, we could hear the call from the fansキラキラ


It was a day piled on with lots of fantastic things you know♪



The OG Guests


Michishige Sayumi-sanラブラブ


Tanaka Reina-sanブルーハーツ


The moment they went on stage, their singing voice was amazing tooEmoji


They sang 「Ookii Hitomi」♪


Waaa, (*ˊᗜˋ*), I once again got to hear 6ki-san’s version of this song~EmojiEmojiEmoji
Fukumura, she doing things on stage together with them but she was totally in fan viewEmojiEmoji


And, with the active duty member together we got to show 「One・Two・Three
」 tooEmoji


It made me happyEmoji


I remember lots of things that happened at the time
With symmetry in the song parts it made me happy and I inherited song parts too yahEmoji


The moment I was with Tanaka-san
getting to do the 「daisuki」 part made me happy tooEmojiEmoji



From that you know!!
Let’s be girls who can do the same hairstyle as then~ we were like that but…
Only Mizuki and Ayumin could do itEmojiEmoji


Ayumin’s ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ cat ear hair
it’s easy to get huhEmoji
The moment you see it you’re like that’s 「One・Two・Three」Emoji that’s why!


And so
Mizuki’s hairstyle I went with the twin tails that at the time I arbitrarily called poodle hair…Emoji



Everyone, thank you so much for the lots of support today tooEmojiEmoji


Today is Monday音譜
Evveryone are you doing ok health wise??
Let’s do our best for another week kayEmojiEmoji


Ah, GanbaReina 天使໒꒱· ゚キラキラ







「MORE」-san March Issue
「CD Journal」-san
now on sale!



「Fukumura no Heya」


Takase Kurumi-Chan guest episode now distributing!


The next episode’s guest is
Angerme’s Kasahara Momona-chan 16907.gif


Thank you so much for the letters 1781.gif


Morning Musume。’19’s Official Instagram has also started! Please follow♡











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