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2019-02-16 22:00:06
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today in Hiroshima
Hello!Project ConcertsEmoji


It’s been 1 week but it felt like it had been a while, I enjoyed ityou know (*ˊ˘ˋ*)♪


Everyone who came down to Ueno Academy hall
Thank you so much ♡


Oh my~Emoji
It was fun 😊



For OG guests, Yaguchi Mari-san, Shimizu Saki-san came♪♪




I always can’t put my all into asking, can I get a picture pelase


…I got my courageEmoji
For 2 shots with my OG senpai for me, it’s a crystallization of courage and nervesー


Really thank you so muchEmoji


With Shimizu-san when we’re together we reminisce about HaroCons you know〜 it got me a little UruUru teary


The otufit that was reminiscent of the days of ZYX-san EmojiEmoji
I was movedEmoji



Anddー! In the dressing room
Momoji manjuu in hand, was Juice=Juice’s Danbara Ruru-chan♪


Since trainee’s time she’s always doing that〜Emoji
Thank you alwaysEmojiEmoji


Looking at Ruru-chan she’s getting taller huh?!Emoji



Thank you 🤗Emoji after Ruru-chan came
I got koshian fresh momiji


Then you knwo!!!!
That person, she ate the momiji manjuu I picked!!!
Why’d you mess up!!!Emoji


That said, in the end, I ate momiji manjuu with mochi in it…Emoji


It’s common mistake you know?EmojiEmoji


The one with mochi was yummy too though you knowEmoji
Ruru-chan thank you for the foodEmoji



Today dressing room was like thatー lolEmojiEmoji




Ah, that’s right! this morning you know
I looked up 「マイクホールド」 [tl on the side if you wanna look it up in Japanese: Mic Hold]
「マイクホールド  ハロプロ」 [tl Mic Hold HaroPuro] and it came up first!!!


It makes me a little happy you know (*´ω`*)


Today’s performance, I was more careful than usual about my mic hold when I sang 🎤Emoji





Tomorrow is finally the dinner show 🍽
The first experience for all the current members




We’re doing it at the Grand Price Hotel New Takanawa HitenEmoji


Waa〜 I’m nervous〜!!!


Tomorrow getting to meet at the venue
I’m looking forward to it yah ⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝୨୧⑅*.








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