Yabai Tshirts Ya-san


2019-02-23 12:03:10




Yesterday, I went to a Yabai Tshirts Ya-san live!!



It was reaaaally fun!!!
It was coolll



The songs I wanted to hear live, they mostly did them so I was super happy!!!



MC too it was super fun, I laughed a lot!
I totally wanted to see the 3 go back and forth!





I didn’t want it to end〜
It was fun yah〜〜
Really, I wanted it to go for at least 2 more hours〜〜〜
I totally gotta go again!!!






Aribobo-san, went from KawaE to KawaF…♡
I, really liked Aribobo-san’s moves!
I couldn’t hear the words well but, I got the 『steps and the rhythm points』 I think?
I wouldn’t say it well but, in any case I love that, yesterday getting to see a lot of that kind of Aribobo-san, that made me happy♡


And… Thank you for alwasy wearing the Tshirt ♡♡♡











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