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2019-02-22 21:55:48
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Konban ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ Nyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


It’s Puramu ~ᗦ↞◃ 
Today is 2/22 (NyanNyanNyan day) and so


I feel like Puramu-tan should occupy Mizuki-chan’s blogEmojiEmoji


Today’s Mizuki-chan was bad Emoji



Every time after she comes home she gives me snacks but…
even though she says no, I persistently give her hugs but…


Uu… It’s lonely-nyan…



You come home


You say it loudly so Puramu gets surprised-nyan


She soon after pats Puramu and raises her spirits-nyan


Like that, today Mizuki-chan was a bit cranky…EmojiEmoji


Puramu couldn’t see through anything-nyan ^ↀᴥↀ^




But today, a Happy thingEmojiEmoji



Morning Musume。13ki member
Yokoyama Reinyan…No not that


Yokoyama Reina-chan’s birthdayEmojiEmoji


Reina-chan is always superー cute, that’s what Mizuki-chan was sayingEmojiEmoji



Taking self-shots
they were cheek to cheek-nyan〜
Oh my nyan, so cuteEmojiEmojiEmoji


But between you and me
even though Reina-chan is a sexy cat I hear she’s a dog person


Honestly for Puramu・・・


A secret from Reina-chanEmoji笑い泣き


Well, if she met Puramu I think Reina-chan would change right away though you knowEmojiEmoji








Cute EmojiEmojiEmoji


Yokoyan, Happy 18th BirthdayEmojiEmoji


Her birthday outfit very much matched her
Idol Yokoya〜n is cute yah~Emoji that’s how it went.


Recent Yokoyan, she’s gotten mature feeling I think?? There are times that feel like that too though


Mizuki’s current atmosphere and
Yokoyan kinda bringing out her idol swiftly and fiercely, I like it tooーEmoji


And, I know she’s a hard worker too so
the parts that Yokoyan has taken from her senpai, how she’ll think about how to sing it?


Getting to see that is something to look forward to in the tour tooEmoji


I hope you have a fun filled yearEmojiEmoji



Tomorrow in Masaki-chan’s home area of Hokkaido
it’s Hello!Project ConcertsEmoji


Were you okay with the earthquakes?
We’re going tomorrow so, please do me the favorEmoji


We’ll be waiting for youEmoji






ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua


ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Ishida Ayumi-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is here流れ星
Next episodes guest has Satou Masaki-chan scheduled!
We’re waiting for your lettersキラキラ


The next corner is 「Solving troubles with a Kiraーn!」









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