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2019-03-01 21:12:12
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
The other day after work
Oda Sakura-chan
and Kaga Kaede-chan, the 3 of us went to karaokeEmoji
Kaeedi and Odan had been waiting it seems
Mizuki finished around the same time, and we met so we joined up and went togetherーEmoji
Both them are such easy targets, they laugh right away so
being with the two of them Mizuki seems like a really funny personEmojiEmojiEmoji
We were on the move laughing as we walked←
And so well, we walked just a bit until we separated at the train station but, we felt totally close EmojiEmoji
Kaedi picked 「Kanashiki Heaven」
and we ended up singing it together you know.
1st Mizuki Emoji 2nd Odan Emoji WAO!! from MizukiEmoji
We sang it♪Emoji
For Harmony Oda went 「Up☝️ Down👇」 pointing as she sang! It was funnyEmojiEmoji
Matsuura Aya-san’s 「Omoi Afurete」, singing that
doing the last hook, she grabbed the mic from Odan!!Emoji
Kaedi’s been into it recently
just memorizing artist-san’s songs??
getting intensely close to the lyric monitor singingEmoji
Kaedi is amazing!!!
To go that far singing with her natural voiceEmoji I felt that as well yah.
From here it’s the spring tour practice starting up yah~I felt that but
The result, it became funny, noisy karaoke🎤EmojiEmoji
Well, having days like this is great too yah!!
I realized it’s March〜Emoji
Looking at the calendar it being the 1st kinda surprised meEmojiEmoji
In transport on the train I found groups of what seems like graduating high schoolers
That’s right yah, it’s graduation season huhEmoji
Everyone how was your day today〜?
Mizuki you know!!
I went to the Urusei Yatsura Cafe I wanted to go toーーーーEmojiEmojiEmoji
I went with Mama the 2 of us but
I filled my stomach with such volume (๑´ڡ`๑)Emoji
The things that appeared in reality that were in the manga
and the cute design latteEmoji
I got one of the randomly distributed star shaped coastersEmoji
Umeboshi・Cocktail (Non-alcoholic)
It was superー yummy!!!
The Moonlight Kitsune Tsukuji-nabe (Soup Curry) was really spicyーEmoji
But the vegetables and meat were both yummyEmoji
What was cute was
Ten-chan’s Flame French ToastEmoji
Having failed at cooking it came with a 「Sorry」 Memo attachedSo cute〜ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
By the way, the characters Mama likes are Lum-chan, Ten-chan, and KitsuneEmoji
We split between the 2 of us so
At once we tasted at last 4 thingsEmoji
In this way, getting to share it with anyone who would like going is funEmojiEmoji
Morning Musume。 did a cafe about 2 years ago too but, I wonder if all the fans felt like thisー?!Emoji
I felt like thatEmoji
I want to do the Morning Musume。 cafe again too yah…Emoji
I couldn’t draw it well but I had written messages with it tooEmoji
I’ll gather them up and deliver them to Takashi Rumiko-sensei♬。.
It’s the celebration of Urusei Yatsura’s 40th anniversary since it’s creation!
…I wonder if I can go again??Emoji
Now you know
♪Anmari SowaSowa shinai de~♪ won’t leave my head…Emoji
Well tomorrow is Hello!Project concerts final dayEmoji
Everyone in Gifu prefecture, thank you for waitingEmoji
I’m looking forward to the 2daysEmoji
Everyone attending too, let’s have fun together kay
From your homes too, send us your cheer power kayEmoji
I got to appear on tinytiny as guest音譜
Please watch it here
※From this episode a new corner 「tiny World Journal」 has joined in.


Regular MC:Makoto, Katou Noriko
Tiny World Journal Narration, Hamaura Ayano
Tiny Relaxation Ogata Risa







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