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2019-03-09 21:56:20
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today’s rehearsal was harder than usualllllーあせるあせる


My legs are PanPanPan beat up〜パンダ
Coming home, I should do BuruBuru shaking physical exercisesータコ



A little while back
on Hello!Pro YouTube show 「tiny tiny」,
I apepared on the show things I’m into corner


At the time I talked about how one of my most favorite body creams had run out! but


At last, that body cream
I’ve got some at my house〜♪♪♪


Eripon gave it to me as a Bday present *¨*.¸¸♡


I love it so much, I can’t waste it〜 I said
thinking of it I use it天使キラキラ


I said I don’t know the scent but
normally it has in large letters “Green coffee” written on it! lol lol


That’s right!!
Do you know what green coffee is?ガーン
Next time I’ll have the drink yah!! lol
It seems like it’s jus tsomething that’s good to take into your bodyガーンガーン


Mizuki’s weak to it but…
Occasionallyーー she drinks it( ´ ཫ ` )
Really I’m superー weak to it so
conversely I want everyone to drink it too! lol



with preparing for tomorrow, massaging
preparing for work…


are you a morning type?? or an evening type??


Mizuki is, generally doing it herself in the eveningDASH!


And, reviewing at night,
for sure it gets in my heard more than in the morning〜♪


Maybe this is based on the people 🤔ラブラブ




And you know, I’m a long bath type ♨️


While soaking in the warm water I read comments


thank you always yahラブラブ


‪‪☺︎‬ But don’t do anything unreasonable kay lol
☺︎ even though I’m always posting blogs late I’m sorry yah


Posting, just a bit, while soaking in the bath, I read them before I sleep!
In the morning, while in transport and during breaks I read them tooラブラブ



and, before the bath, I watch shows I recorded and game…♪
But for games, playing at night, it ends up being super late in the night so, I wake up early in the morning and do it……


It’s things like that.←








ハートHello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Satou Masaki-chan guest episode now distributing!
Membership registration is hereふんわりウイング


Next guest is
Kobushi Factory’s
Nomura Minami-chan, she’s been scheduledキラキラ


For letter’s it’s until 3/11(Mon) 10:00!
The rotating corner is チューリップピンクWhatever Best 3チューリップピンク
「Song lyrics that influenced you, the Best 3」
we’re selecting them音譜


We’re waiting for your lettersラブレター



ハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる」 Now distributing!


MC is Ooshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)



Oomori Seiko-san




Inuyama Kamiko-san


And, Yamaki Risa-chan and Fukumura Mizuki also get to appear!





ハートThe spring tour going around the country starting 3/16 流れ星
【Morning Musume。’19 Concert Tour Spring 〜BEST WISHES!〜】
ハートAlbum releasing 3/20
【Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary】
Release Commemorative Mini Live & Handshake Events have been scheduledEmoji
3/14 (Thr) Ikebukuro Sunshine City
3/19 (Tue) Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’
3/20 (Thr) Tokyo Dome City LaQua













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