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2019-03-18 22:00:24
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today I was totally looking forward to it
going to Mano Erina-san’s event…♪*゚


「Mano Erina Debut 10th Anniversary Live ~my precious treasure box~」


Just how much did you enjoy today?!


Whenever Mano-chan updated her blog
going, In so many days〜♪
I waited UkiUki cheery♪


I’m really glad I got to go〜えーんハート


Once again
Mano Erina-san Congratulations on your debut’s 10th anniversary 👑



Mano-chan’s 10 years!!


For me these 10 years even being there in a moment is something I take pride in.


And!! I didn’t think I’d see Sawayaka Gorou-san as a rival like this 😠 lol


Mano-chan delivering such a fun live, I have nothing but gratitude キラキラ


Really really thank you so much (*´˘`*)♡



The feeling that Mano-chan treasures all her fans also come across
I love Mano-chan too, and I love the ManoFriends too…


I’ve got these feelings


I got to watch from the authorized seats so
I always watch peacefully but
today I can’t say that!!


I wanted my hands moving
my voice out
waving my towel


Too bad too bad!! lol


Well please make it together! and
Girls? fanning themselves gotta say 「kyaー」!


Your hearts and bodies moved too yah!!



All the Mano-chan songs were fantastic too


Of course I have lots of memories packed of myself as back dancer


The moment 「Haru no Arashi」’s intro played
I teared up so I surprised myself 😱💦



The new song
「Kakegaenai Anata he [tl approx: to my irreplacable you] ~my precious treasure box~」 was really a fantastic song too


Being present for the first showing too
and getting to hear it twice in the same live made me happy too 💕


Nakajima Takui-san’s chorus is fantastic too❣️



All the band
and Sawayaka Gorou-san as the energetic one too


it was really the best!!!


My heart ✨ My ears ✨ My eyes ✨ the day is fully burned into all of them
Mano-hcan, thank you so much for today





Tomorrow’s Morning Musume。’19 are
at Kawasaki CLUBCITTA’
we have a Best Album Release Commemoration Mini Live & Handshake Event!


The event is scheduled to start at 18:30


If you have the time by all means please come by kay
we’ll be waitingキラキラ





ピンクハートBuzz by BuzzFeed 「Tonight is Thursday #ハロプロを推すと人生が豊かになる [tl approx: Supporting Hello!Pro Has Enriched My Life] 〜Hello!Member Edition〜」 Now distributing!
MC is Ooshima Yukari-san (Free Announcer)
Oomori Seiko-san, Aribobo-san, Inuyama Kamiko-san
Yamaki Risa-chan, Fukumura Mizuki
get to appear!





After the recording, the interview we did is publishedキラキラ
by all means please look at itおすましペガサスピンクハート


「It’s Fine If Morning Musume。 Isn’t the Peak of Your Life」―― Moーmuus。 Lreader Help Peoples










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