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2019-03-20 22:00:17
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Today 3/20 (Wed)


「Best! Morning Musume。 20th Anniversary」


It’s now the release day〜♪キラキラ



For this kind of day…キラキラ
we had an event at Tokyo Dome City LaQua-san赤薔薇


Everyone who rushed for us
thank you so muchドキドキ


Today, the afternoon had PokaPoka warm weather but
at night it was cold, that how it felt to meショボーンあせる


Everyone who waited until the handshake event was over, it had gotten chilly hadn’t it??


Around now it’s meal time right?
the little ones waited for us too〜あせる
please warm up and head home kayビックリマーク




Today you knowラブラブ
in front of everyone we got to do a happy announcement♪


Well!!!Daily 1stルンルン


Getting ot share the joy with everyone makes me happy〜ハートハート
Thank you so much👑
We aim for weekly now!!!!!!




And 1 more thing
today… Mizuki and Eripon
it’s been 3000 days since we joined Morning Musume。 I heard.ゲラゲラルンルン


Eripon had the anniversary function set on her phone so, today, she told me, “Today it’s 3000 days〜”♪♪


Amazing huh, 3000 daysクローバー
Thank you for 3000 days of support too天使グリーンハートピンクハート


We got told “Congratulations!” from all the fans tooハート


It made me happyお願い恋の矢





at last I got to go to the salon
my hair got TsuyaTsuya glossy too 流れ星
I’m looking forward to meeting with everyone more than usual tooラブラブ





Tomorrow is concerts in Ibaraki so
I want to properly deliver firmly, 3000 days worth you know (*´˘`*)♡


We’ll be waiting at Yuki Civic Culture Center ACROSS星





3/25 Release 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
got to do concert main interviews & shoots.
Please check it out!










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