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2019-03-24 22:07:54
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


Osaka 2days 4 performances are finished


Everyone who came
Thank you so much 😊


The day finsihed in a flashーあせる


It felt like a flash but
I got to enjoy that atmosphere properly, or rather…


The voices of everyone in the venue
it very much had impact…


It really really brought out the energyラブ



The second half was a trial of strength!!!


Fanning desperately
sending it even to the 2nd floorー
We sent out all our powerラブラブ


Sending out all the poewr we canラブラブ
Now I’m already HeroHero exhausted〜.


Lot of meeting eyes
Getting to meet smilesー it was funお願い音譜


Of course with all the fans but
today, I met eyes with the members a lot tooラブラブ


That said, It was a fantastic LIVE流れ星


Already my body is just rattling so
I need to firmly massage and care for it
Until the next performance I need to recover yah!


Everyone is the same too 🌟


Coming home, soak in a war〜m bath
massage, cooldown
depending on the person, compress! lol


and, come to another concert energetic kay♪♪♪♪



With Chiichan right after the live〜
Mizuki, has no sight power left lol lol


The OP Act was the Lovelys


For guests, Hello!Pro Trainee’s
Ono Kotomi-chan
Yonemura Kirara-chan
Hashisako Rin-chan
Matsunaga Riai-chan
Tamenaga Shion-chan
Shutto Anna-chan came to see us〜


A Job Well Done〜キラキラ


It was like having a trainee freetalk
we don’t get to hear it often so, it’s precious yah〜クラッカー


Kirara-chan’s belt
it’s freshドキドキドキドキ



From Oda’s family we got refreshments.







ピンクハートAbemaTV 21:00〜22:00



ピンクハート3/23 release of 「Up To Boy」
Morning Musume。 All Members! We’re appearing in various combinations!!


ピンクハート3/23 (Sat)
「B.L.T. May Issue」(Fukumura)
I got to do an interview & shootキラキラ


ピンクハート3/25 Release of 「Rolling Stone Japan vol.06」
Fukumura Mizuki + Oda Sakura
Ikuta Erina + Ishida Ayumi combinations
We got to do a concert main interview & shoot.
Please check it outラブラブ



ピンクハートWe got to do an interview for U-NEXT-san音譜
Morning Musume。’19 Fukumura Mizuki × Makino Maria Interview
We get to be pubished in the guide magazine, U-NEXT’s special banner too!!









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