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2019-03-31 22:01:35
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノn星


The 2 days of events have finished!


【Hello!Project HinaFes 2019】


Everyone who came
thank you so very muchラブラブ


It ended up being a very fun 2 daysキラキラ



It’s always troubling but…
it’s that 1 days worth of things can’t get totally written into one day of blogs… lol



It was such a fulfilling 2 daysー!









Since becoming Hello!Pro leader, sub-leader, the 2 of us experienced 2 and a half years of various things!


When we worked together at HinaFes, saying
「I wanted to sing more with the 2 of us you know〜」
that really made me happyお願いえーん


We just sang 1 time at the countdown live though yah
I feel like I’d beh appy if we could do make it happen some dayルンルン
At the afternoon’s Angerme Premium performance
The feelings of thank you from the kouhai members to Wada-san overflowed so much, it was very moving!



It being Juice=Juice’s first Premium performance
everyone’s spirit came across sharp yahピンクハート




For Morning Musume。’19


at Angerme’s Premium performance
「Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita」
and at Juice=Juice’s Premium performance
「Goal〜Ashita wa Acchi dayo〜」


we got to show thoseルンルン



The cover songs sung by each group too
everyone gave all out the power they had


Delivering the LIVE is quite fantastic yah星


Looking at HaroPro, I can study that or rather, there’s things that we can change
I felt like, that’s a joy yah〜爆笑キラキラ




And, for HinaFes 2nd day’s evening performance
it was the Morning Musume。’19 Premium〜ハート



Seeing the lots of cheers and smiles from everyone
I felt like we got to do a fun live together with everyone星


Yesterday, getting to do perofrmances togerther with the OGs
I wanted to do a LIVE making the best of that firmly!


It’s a natural thing to say but
Morning Musume。’19 also enjoyed the Premium performance with MAX spirit!





It’s super personally speaking but
for the first time in so many years I went with half-twins lol


While thinking, it’s been long awaited so I wonder if I should change my hairstyle for the 4 performances too〜?
I ended up doing all kinds of ideas lol lol


I wonder if it’s okay?…😣
Thinking that, Nishida Shiori-chan said
it’s very cute so
that cheered me up (*´`)ドキドキ


Getting told I’m cute from a cute girl makes me happy yah照れ音譜





For today’s Morning Musume。’19 Premium
On the NicoNico live broadcast they had a first priority monopoly on distributing it!


▼4/6(Sat) 19:00~
You can view it here



The ssong showings from each of the groups too
it’s quite an excitingfun performance♪


By all means I want you to see it♪






For Satoyama too, we got to go around to lots of booths♪


This time there was a PIZZA-LA-san stand
Mizuki couldn’t go directly but I got all kinds of stuff♡


The paella was really very yummy tooキラキラ


By the way Ayumin
she highly praised the churros〜ラブブルーハート


Of course the Pizza it’s named for is yummy


The tapioca was the best tooーーーブルーハート



With inside all noisy, it was really yummy音譜



We visited the dtv Channel-san booth too
A certain thing was scheduled!
I’ll write about that on another day kay♪



Everyone at the Satoyama event
did you get to shop for all kinds of things?ラブラブ


For Mizuki she got them when she went around the booth
she’ll be enjoying the dry fruit tea (Strawberry) at home照れ音譜




When the Satoyama event finished
SharanQ Makoto-san went full-body flourescent orange, it surprised me lol


For Satoyama Makoto-san
he was shining more than usual!! lol







I think there were people who were worn out too so
tonight please rest soundly early kay天使











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