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Happening 7/13 in ✨Zepp DiverCity✨


Michishige Sayumi 💗 Solo Live 🎵




☆Pia pre-order applications☆
Today’s the deadlineeeパー






上矢印上矢印上矢印From here💁‍♀️


By all means! Please comeーおねがいおねがいおねがい



Pictures form the snorlax backpack day, I still have more yaーーーーーh!





Like this? lol





I do.
I took really a lot of them yaーーーーーn!





But already this is really overおねがい








The snorlax backpack, I bought it in Thailand but,
there are people going do you remember how much yen it cost!?
I remember it was just really cheap but, how much was itー… thinking about it…
I must have boasted about the cost somewhere!? SNS or radio or on stage!
Did I not say itー…
I feel like it was 900yen or like 1700yen but I don’t remember it clearly you know…
I looked at my Thailand 🇹🇭 day notebook but
『I got a Hamtarou Tshirt and snorlax backpackーーーーーーーーー♩』
I only wrote that 😭 I wanted you to write the price, past meーーーーーー!












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