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For telling me the price of the snorlax backpack, thank yoーーーーーu!!!!!!
Thank you always for the comments yahピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






Well the price
I wanted to know
that said






『That snorlax backpack is cute yahー!』


when people said that,


『This, how much yen do you think it is!?
It was 〇〇 yen!』


It was cheap so they wanted to boast!! lol






Thanks everyone for telling me


『This, how much yen do you think it is!?
It was about 1000yen!』



They saidグリーンハートグリーンハートグリーンハート



Thank youハートピンクハートハートピンクハート











Well well



7/15(Mon Holiday)花火
くまクッキーMichishige Sayumi Birthday Event 2019ねこクッキー


2nd・NEXT Pre-order application has startedうさぎクッキー本命チョコ





M-line clubハート2nd



Hello! ProjectハートNEXT Pre-order先行




Application deadline will be 5/29 (Wed) 17:00ハートピンク音符




By all means come kayーうさぎお茶








I’ll put up offshots from the Sayuland Tokyo goods shootクッキーのプレゼント









When it went to the pink background, knowing they couldn’t pick up my feet I immediately switched to slippers. lol









Wellーー laters kayーーー!!ハートクラブスペードダイヤ













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